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Hey, what's up?

Hello, friends, family, well-wishers, enemies, frenemies, and people who accidentally clicked on this page while looking for something else. My name is Gabe Powers and welcome to Genre Grinder – a website and podcast celebrating the weirdest, wildest, and most painfully specific film genres. The current plan for this space is to devote a month-long period to a single type of film, including a podcast that I’ll record with a special guest who has extensive or unique knowledge about the month’s themed genre, essays, reviews, and links to other supplemental material. Eventually, I hope to welcome other contributors and incorporate newer reviews, as well as my own previously published DVDActive material, even if it doesn’t necessarily fit the month’s theme. These concepts are currently in-flux and I’d welcome feedback in the comment sections of this site, my personal Twitter (@GabeMPowers), the site’s twitter (@GenreGrinder), the site’s Facebook (, or send me an email at Thanks and see you soon (probably just after the first of the month).

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Michael Powers
Michael Powers
28 במרץ 2019

Looking forward to your new venture. Love Ya!

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