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Halloween Special: Rusty & Dip's Final Broadcast, a Found Footage Music Mix Tape

On the afternoon of Friday October 30th, 1992, an unexplained phenomenon struck the suburban community of Dunwich, New England. The local authorities described it as an unprovoked, spontaneous explosion of homicidal violence, but the actual cause has been shrouded in mystery, following a brisk cover-up by unknown government agencies. By some accounts, more than 300 people lost their lives that day, including multiple members of the popular rock bands Dokken and Loverboy. What follows is the only known evidence of the event: a 5:00 pm broadcast from radio station KLLR, in which Drive at Five deejays Dippy “Mo” Mclean and Rusty Claymore conveyed vital instructions to the local populace. This is a complete and unedited account of their bravery in the face of certain doom. Listener discretion is advised.

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