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Gabe's on Tracks of the Damned. Again.

In 2017, Patrick Ripoll recorded a commentary track for David Durston's rabid hippie zombie trash classic I Drink Your Blood, but he didn't share it with the rest of us until our world tumbled into a real life pandemic. He updated things with a new intro and invited Gabe (that's me!) over for a post-movie discussion about transgressive, shocking, and offensive content in films.

The discussion was meant to focus on older exploitation films, but in discussing the changing face of offensive content, we ended up on tangents about modern, big budget studio movies. Somehow I ended up talking about Marvel comics? I don't know exactly what happened. Anyway, dig up your DVD and Blu-ray copies of I Drink Your Blood, or snag a digital version from your favorite provider (legal or illegal, I won't judge), go to the Now Playing Network to download the complete podcast, and stay tuned after the movie is finished to hear what we had to say.



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