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Gabe Guests on Tracks of the Damned's Hostel: Part II Commentary

Your humble Genre Grinder casthost has recorded another extended podcast commentary track with Tracks of the Damned's Patrick Ripoll. This time, we chatted about Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II (2007) – perhaps the most post-9/11 American horror movie of all post-9/11 American horror movies.

From the Tracks of the Damned description:

The year was 2007, we were all drinking Four Loko, playing Super Mario Galaxy, listening to MIA's "Paper Planes" and taking to our Livejournals and message boards to argue about "torture porn" films. Were they pumped up cinema sadism designed to please craven adolescent creeps? Or angry political works calling back to horror's glory days of the 70's?

The better question was, perhaps, were they torture porn at all? To answer all that and more on the latest episode of Tracks of the Damned, the horror film commentary track podcast, Patrick recruited Gabe Powers of Genre Grinder to take a look at Hostel: Part Two (2007), the ambitious and oft-ignored follow up to Eli Roth's breakthrough film. We get into the influence of Tarantino, the history of Elizabeth Bathory in horror films, it's connections to Italian genre films and how Eli Roth made up for certain short-comings as a writer with one particularly brilliant piece of casting. Let's go!

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