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Gabe Guests on Tracks of the Damned's Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Commentary

Tracks of the Damned's Patrick Ripoll is recording commentary tracks for all the Friday the 13th sequels and he's arrived at Part V: A New Beginning – a famously despised entry that Gabe...well, kinda enjoys? "Likes" is probably too strong a word. Anyway, Gabe does his best to explain what it is about the Jason-free, sleaze-a-second, '80s-tastic film, while Patrick takes the sane approach, calling A New Beginning out as mostly dumb and uneventful. We do arrive at some fun, sometimes unintended conclusions, such as the movie's inadvertent Eurocult vibe, its alternate reality version of the 1990's, and its possible statement on Ronald Reagan's repeal of The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980. Simply follow Patrick's easy instructions and you can watch along with us. As if we were in the room. Right beside you. Chh chh chh, ah ah ah...

0:00 – Intro 5:41 - 1:43:04 – Complete commentary

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