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Episode 8: Gothic Romance, feat. Kristine Fisher

IN A CASTLE, UPON A HILL, BESTREWN(strewn) WITH COBWEBS...JOIN US ON A JOURNEY INTO SELF-DISCOVERY… Welcome to the crossroads of spooky and romantic as Gabe and his significant other, Kristine Fisher, talk about some Gothic Romance movies. This time, your Byronic heroes are covering three films in particular – Robert Stevenson’s Jane Eyre (1943), Joseph L. Mankiewicz’ Dragonwyck (1946), and Mario Bava’s The Whip and the Body (Italian: La frusta e il corpo, 1963). This will be the first of (hopefully) a couple discussions on the subject, so we stuck to an earlier era. We don’t have a specific plan on when to record a second part, so stay tuned!

00:00 – Intro

16:53 – Jane Eyre

42:21 – Dragonwyck

1:10:32 – The Whip and the Body

1:28:28 – Other movies and farewells

For the record, we’re basing our definition of Gothic Romance partially on a description found on the Toledo Lucas County Public Library website (credited to Claire F.):

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And here’s a relatively complete Letterboxd list of pertinent movies, including some we may be covering next time:



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