• Gabe Powers

Episode 5 (Part 3): The Slasher Movies of 1981, feat. Patrick Ripoll of Tracks of the Damned


Gabe and special guest Patrick Ripoll from Tracks of the Damned are back and finishing what they started: an interminable look back at the slasher movies of 1981. The complete list includes 42 films that friends, colleagues, and random people on the internet consider to be slashers. The last episode is the shortest, including discussion of 13 movies – Hell Night (directed by Tom DeSimone), Don’t Go in the Woods (directed by James Bryan), Lady Stay Dead (directed by Terry Bourke), Absurd (aka: Rosso sangue, Monster Hunter, and Horrible, directed by Joe D’Amato), Just Before Dawn (directed by Jeff Lieberman), Strange Behavior (directed by Michael Laughlin), Hospital Massacre (directed by Boaz Davidson), Nightmares (directed by Romano Scavolini), Dark Night of the Scarecrow (directed by Frank De Felitta), Halloween II (directed by Rick Rosenthal), Saturday the 14th (directed by Howard R. Cohen), Madman (directed by Joe Giannone), and The Prowler (directed by Joseph Zito).

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Do note that after recording for 5 hours, the timing of our tracks and communications got a little off. The problem is mitigated to the best of Gabe’s editing ability, but there are still a few odd moments where reactions are off time.

Listen to Part One here: https://www.genregrinder.com/podcast/episode/a8509064/episode-5-the-slasher-movies-of-1981-feat-patrick-ripoll-of-tracks-of-the-damned

Listen to Part Two here: https://www.genregrinder.com/podcast/episode/e24daa65/episode-5-part-2-the-slasher-movies-of-1981-feat-patrick-ripoll-of-tracks-of-the-damned

Listen to Patrick and Bill Ackerman talk about Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck’s Messiah of the Evil as part of the Tracks of the Damned podcast: http://www.nowplayingnetwork.net/tracksofthedamned/s1e6

Follow along with the complete list here: https://letterboxd.com/gabepowers/list/1981-slasher-movies/