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Episode 1: Proto-Slashers, feat. Patrick Ripoll of Tracks of the Damned

And so it begins.... Get ready for a prototype podcast about a prototypical film genre as Gabe (that's me) and special guest Patrick Ripoll talk about proto-slashers. Please excuse our dust as we run through several dozen stalk ‘n stab movies extending back to the very beginning of cinema. You can follow along with our list here: Follow this link to our Now Playing Network page to download or stream: *UPDATE*: Here's an iTunes link as well:

*UPDATE #2*: Here's a Stitcher link:

The greatest emphasis is placed on three classics – John Brahm’s Hangover Square (1945), Robert Siodmak’s The Spiral Staircase (1946), and Charles B. Pierce’s The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1976) – as well as three...erm...less than classics – Kent Bateman’s Headless Eyes (1971), Marc B. Ray’s Scream Bloody Murder (1973), and Curtis Hanson’s Sweetkill (aka: The Arousers, 1972).

There were a few recording errors made, so be aware of temporary (but recurring) audio distortion after the one-hour mark. I’m doing everything I can to gauge what listeners will want from future episodes, so please take a moment to leave feedback below, or on the official Facebook (, or on the official Twitter (@GenreGrinder), or maybe even my own Twitter (@GabeMPowers).

While you're here and thinking about proto-slashers, maybe give a listen to Patrick's Alice Sweet Alice commentary track, which he recorded with Bill Ackerman of the Supporting Characters podcast: Or maybe you'd like to hear me, Patrick, and Jim Laczkowski talk about Mario Bava's proto-slasher Bay of Blood (aka: Twitch of the Death Nerve) in this older episode of the Director's Club podcasat:



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