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Buy Original, Movie Themed Fabric for Your Homemade COVID-19 Masks & Raise Money for Nurses! UPDATES

Hey gang! Some of you may remember that my friend Phil Nobile Jr, and I had printed up some T-shirts based on one of my personal designs under the label Obey, Consume & Buy T-shirts. The profits from those shirts went to the ACLU and we ran out a long time ago. Since then, I've tried to get more printed, but the pandemic has made that impossible for the time being. UPDATE: Guess what?! I got two more designs printed, see the pics below! However, in hopes of raising some money for frontline nurses fighting COVID-19, I've started retrofitting some of my unprinted (and printed) shirt designs to be printed on fabric for all the cool folks making cloth masks from home. I'm selling them via, who gives me a small cut of each sale.

All profits for these prints will go to American Nurses Foundation's Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses, which provides direct financial assistance to nurses, as well as support for their mental health of nurses and access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection, and care for those in need. See the Obey_Consume Spoonflower page here for ordering information:

Here are the four designs currently available:

Dawn of the Dead "Dummies" (image of Dr. Millard Rausch, who famously called those who ignored the science of the zombie pandemic "Dummies!!"):

They Live (the same one we once printed on T-shirts):

I will try to update with more designs when I'm able and it doesn't cost me anything to upload them. Do be aware that the print size can be altered. My first batch was a bit on the large size, because I didn't account for the actual size of a face mask. Also be aware that, due to the outbreak and limitations at Spoonflower's facilities, there might be a bit of a wait for shipping. EDIT: This latest shipment only took 12 days, rather than a month.

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