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Grinding the Stream: 101 ACTUAL Scariest Movie Moments Viewing Companion – Part 3

45: Pontypool (2008)

  • Somehow, this movie has never been released on RA/US Blu-ray

  • Stream on AMC+

44: Sisters (1972)

  • Criterion Blu-ray

  • Stream on Criterion Channel and MAX

43: No Country for Old Men (2007)

  • Disney Blu-ray (multiple releases)

  • Stream on Paramount+

42: Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1980)

  • Arrow Blu-ray (as part of Solid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto)

  • Stream on Shudder, Arrow, and AMC+

41: Duel (1971)

  • Universal Blu-ray and 4K UHD (this November)

  • Stream on Criterion Channel

40: War of the Worlds (2005)

  • Paramount Blu-ray and 4K UHD

  • Stream on Paramount+ and Netflix

39: Blue Velvet (1986)

  • Criterion and MGM Blu-rays

  • Stream on MAX

38: NINBroken (1945)

37. New York Ripper (Italian: Lo squartatore di New York, 1982)

36. The Witch Who Came From the Sea (1976)

35. Nope (2022)

  • Universal Blu-ray and 4K UHD

  • Stream on Amazon Prime

34. Black Narcissus (1947)

  • Criterion Blu-ray

  • Stream on Max, Roku Channel, Criterion Channel, Tubi, Shout Factory TV, and Freevee (beware that there is also a pretty bad 2020 miniseries version of the story)

33. Three... Extremes (2004)

  • Never released on Blu-ray

  • Stream on VUDU Free, Tubi, and Freevee

32: The Ghost of Yotsuya (1959)

  • Never released on Blu-ray

  • Stream on Criterion Channel

31: Deathdream (aka: Dead of Night, 1974)

  • Blue Underground Blu-ray (read my review here)

  • Streaming on Amazon Prime, VUDU Free, Tubi, and Night Flight

30. Perfect Blue (1997)

  • Shout Factory Blu-ray

  • Streaming on Shudder and AMC+

29. The Crescent (2017)

  • Never released on Blu-ray

  • Streaming on Shudder and AMC+

28. Relic (2020)

  • Shout Factory/IFC Blu-ray

  • Stream on Shudder and AMC+

27: Hour of the Wolf (1968)

  • Criterion Blu-ray

  • Streaming on Criterion Channel

26: Event Horizon (1997)

  • Scream Factory Blu-ray and Paramount 4K UHD (avoid the ugly Paramount Blu-ray if you can)

  • Streaming on Paramount+

25. I Married A Monster From Outer Space (1958)

  • Shout Factory Blu-ray (double-feature with Conquest of Space)

  • Streaming on Paramount+ and Kanopy

24. Who Can Kill a Child? (Spanish: ¿Quién puede matar a un niño?, 1976)

  • Mondo Macabro Blu-ray (read my review here)

  • Not currently streaming, though someone did upload a version with no English subtitles to YouTube. The main characters speak English and not being able to understand the Spanish speaking locals is part of the theme.

23. Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood (1973)

22. Blind Beast (1969)

21: Black Sabbath (Italian: I tre volti della paura, 1963)

  • Kino Lorber Blu-ray (separate Italian and AIP cut releases)

  • Stream on Tubi, Pluto TV, and Kanopy

To be continued...



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