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Episode 6: H.P. Lovecraft Adaptations, feat. Betsy Jorgensen of Your Favorite Monsters

CHECK YOUR SANITY METER! STOW YOUR SEAFOOD! Prepare your most macabre adjectives! And join us on a journey through the various film adaptations of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s indescribably mortifying stories. Gabe knows his Lovecraft movies, but he knows Jack Yomagn'tho about Lovecraft the person and writer, so Elder Hierophant Betsy fills him in on the history and hysteria of the man as they delve into three movies in particular – Roger Corman’s The Haunted Palace (1963, based on The Case of Charles Dexter Ward), Peter Svatek’s Bleeders, aka: Hemoglobin (1997, based on The Lurking Fear), and Huan Vu’s The Colour Out of Space, German: Die Farbe (2010, based on the story of the same name).

In addition, these looney Lu-Kthuian fiends break down the difference between “fan film” and “independent film,” discuss the most popular Lovecraft adaptations on film, Lovecraft-themed tabletop and video games, and Lovecraft’s, shall we say, cultural foibles. And, just in case that wasn’t enough, Betsy explains parts of the American copyright system, because we all know that few things are spookier than INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!

Download or stream from the Now Playing Network page:

00:00 – Intro 04:00 – The Haunted Palace 39:26 – Bleeders 66:29 – The Colour Out of Space 89:39 – Everything else

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And tune in to this Lovecraft-heavy episode of Betsy’s podcast, Your Favorite Monsters!:



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